Social Media Marketing

Are you getting the most out of your social media marketing? Most companies and organization in Israel and worldwide are not maximizing their potential for growth, brand extension, conversion and client/donor retention. Let Goldfish Marketing create a tailored marketing plan for you today.

Branding & Design

Presenting your company’s identity is the first step to success. Gaining new audiences, customers and partners is dependent upon the impression that you leave through digital and tangible design. Our team would love to take you through the process of discovering the gold that lies within your organization.

Digital Marketing

The modern age brought forth the internet along with advances and opportunities. With the internet, marketing and promotion has gone online to establish a significant business presence and influence across the digital platforms available today. Some of the popular online and digital marketing options today include Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing and building a website for your business or company.

Custom Web Development

Your company’s website is the front door to millions of potential customers and partners, world-wide. Whether your organization or firm focuses its growth strategy on local or international targets, your website speaks a thousand words about your identity. Today there is no place more substantial for conversion then your website.


Strategic business consulting (SBC) is defined as an external consulting agency extracting the values, purpose, competitive advantages, and opportunities of a particular company. How do you know if your company or organization is in need of consulting?