From Consulting To Service

Back in 2015, Goldfish Marketing founder Jake Fichman set out with the goal of changing the way business present themselves globally. This began with strategic consulting. Within the Israeli market, it quickly became apparent that the real issue came as a lack of digital marketing power. After months of working through difficult conversations with clients, Jake found that there was simply no one qualified to get the work done. Here the shift took place. Goldfish Marketing went from a consulting-based entity to a full-service agency. We like to do the work.

Strategic Business Consulting

Strategic business consulting (SBC) is defined as an external consulting agency extracting the values, purpose, competitive advantages, and opportunities of a particular company. How do you know if your company or organization is in need of consulting? We present these questions: Do you see that there is greater market share available, yet don't know how to obtain it? Does your company struggle to communicate its purpose, value and main advantages to the client base? If so, then there is significant opportunity waiting for you in the process of strategic business consulting.