Your Company's Website

At Goldfish Marketing we like to think of your website as your business's home away from home. When someone enters your website, they immediately get a feel for your identity, purpose, mission, and offer. The process of web design can seem foreign and perhaps overwhelming as there are so many options today. "Build your own website", or "Buy a site for $250 from India today!" What's truly the difference in a simple, prebuilt site compared to a custom site? Great question!

Value of Custom Web Design

The differences between a custom, one of a kind website design project and a prebuilt (or template) website are nearly endless. To begin, there are dozens of type of websites out there today, and knowing which form is appropriate for your company is imperative to developing a useful site that will bring a return on your investment. Ecommerce, Blog, Portfolio, Personal, Mobile Specific, Informational, Community Building, Photo Sharing, and the list goes on. We'll be happy to help you decide which is the correct approach for your company.

A Website's ROI

As the owner of a newly designed website, it is your responsibility as a business owner to ask, "how will this website bring a return on our investment?" Great question. To answer this question, we'll start at the beginning. What brings money into your company? Is it new leads? Perhaps it starts with a signup to a newsletter, then develops into a drip-campaign where the potential client is introduced to your brand and its story. Regardless of the funnel, this is where we begin. We encourage you to consider your new website as a tool for generating business growth.