What is Branding?

Whether your company is in its earlier stages or a seasoned entity, branding may be coming up as a topic in team meetings. Some may be asking “Should we consider a rebrand?” Or “How can we brand our start up for a reasonable price?” Whatever the shape or size, your company must be reconsidering its branding on a regular basis. To begin on the path to developing the proper brand for your company, consider the core values and competitive advantages of your business or organization. Assign qualities and characteristics as if it were a living organism. Next, spend time with your core executives to understand how your current client base sees the company, and what their response to this question would be. If you find that there is a significant gap, consider taking on a marketing agency to help you assess this topic in greater depth.

How Important Is Branding?

Branding can be defined as the manner in which people view and perceive your company. While simply stated, this is a vast task that companies rightfully dedicate a significant amount of resources to develop and maintain. At Goldfish Marketing our team has seen numerous start-ups take the journey of self-discovery to position themselves within a market saturated with competition. Our team works closely with them to extract their company’s identity, while positioning themselves with a true competitive advantage. Great success comes when your clients understand, value, and engage with your brand in a meaningful way.

How Can I Brand My Company?

You may have heard someone ask, "What is branding?" The term has been used in a variety of fields, taking on its own form and definition. For our purposes, we approach the term from the perspective of company establishment and expression. While it's correct that a brand hosts a number of outcomes, such as a logo, business cards, a website, and more, these are not the core items when it comes to brand establishment. So what is branding really? When we talk about true branding, we're really talking about identity.