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SEO and Google Adwords

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Today’s online success is measured by a handful of analytics. When we’re talking mainly about the world of web, online marketing, digital conversion, and acquisition, SEO comes into play. The term is an acronym that stands for “Search Engine Optimization.”

If your website is older than 2-5 years and you haven’t refreshed content within the last 2 months, it’s reasonable to assume that your traffic is nothing amazing. But why? Well, the reason is both simple, yet complex. Let’s look at a few items that Google cares about.

  1. Relevant keywords within your written content
  2. Long-tail keywords
  3. The frequency of published content
  4. Method of arranging content within a given post

These are a few of the numerous items that Google looks at when deciding how to rank your website. When we talk about SEO, we’re referring mainly to how we can maximize these items. The process is one that takes knowledge and time, as well as frequent efforts to offer your site new content that would draw in readers.

Conclusion- to raise your SEO naturally, get started with number 3. Begin writing content on a regular basis and place it within your blog or online archive. As you develop the muscle for writing, get to work on sharpening the remaining items.

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