Allure + Anywear + Goldfish Marketing

The mission of the project as stated by the client: “After seeing images of the skin irritation frontline workers are experiencing from wearing face masks during long shifts while fighting COVID-19, fashion startup Anywear came to Allure with their idea to provide some relief. Anywear is thrilled to bring the resulting headbands to nurses, doctors, and other frontline workers.”

Where did Goldfish come into the picture? Our team was perfectly positioned to serve the Vogue and Allure teams from New York, as well as the international operations of Anywear. Goldfish’s digital team was employed to provide full service in the areas of online infrastructure, purchasing gateways, product presentation, designer features, design work, and consulting. 

vogue allure goldfish marketing campaign

Influencers | Campaign Development

Leading up to the launch of Vogue, Allure, and Anywear’s newest line of fashion, the fashion agency captured the interest and support of many high-level influencers. Among them was Chris McMillan, who is a Los Angeles-based hairstylist and founder of Chris McMillan The Salon in Beverly Hills. McMillan’s clients include Renée Zellweger, Selma Blair, and Jennifer Aniston – which lead to the perfect fit for a star influencer.

7 influencers in total joined the new line, and thus the Banding Together Project was born. Their designs were submitted, photographed professionally, submitted for final review, then taken live on the eCommerce site.

A Huge Win For All 

Within days of the launch, hundreds of thousands of pageviews were tracked, and huge sales came rolling in for the new line of fashion. The project lead was overwhelmed with the success. Throughout the process, from pre to post-launch, or team worked around the clock to be sure that the platform worked seamlessly, and that the servers handled the huge traffic quantities. It was truly a success.

Following the completion of this wonderful debut project, the teams discussed further collaboration with Goldfish Marketing, and are currently in the midst of launching a secondary line. Stay tuned!

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