Goldfish Marketing Partners with Sar-El

In 2017 the CEO of the Sar-El’s multiple-business conglomerate, including tours, conferences, hotels, buses and real-estate conglomerate asked to meet with Goldfish Marketing’s owner Jake Fichman. Following a series of discussions and strategy meetings, Goldfish Marketing was brought on to manage the company’s global digital presence. This included content creation as well, as the company had no in-house development. The CEO saw an opportunity to hire a full agency to provide results that he was incapable of beforehand. Following our hire, the CEO found exponential growth in the areas of social media engagement and brand reach, website traffic, signups to content sources, following growth, and more.

Goldfish Marketing Aims for 100,000 FB Followers

Following a consultation with the company’s CEO, our team set the goal of reaching 100,000 Facebook followers in the coming 5 months. Also during this time, our team set out on SEO content creation to drive greater web traffic (see results below). To accomplish our goal of 100k followers, we combined the following:

  1. Development of the proper content to ‘prime’ the funnel
  2. Co-work with the Sar-El team to film a short series for onboarding
  3. Use of proper tagging, share-request methods, and high brand value presentation
  4. Our campaign budget strategy repositioned to dedicate approx. 85% to page growth
  5. Consistent distribution, A/B/C campaigns, evaluations, and restructuring to optimize
  6. Five months of repeating the above, with daily and weekly efforts to achieve growth

Following 5 months of campaign work, Goldfish Marketing successfully surpassed 100,000 followers on Sar-El Tours’ Facebook page. Currently, the page is over 135,000 and our agency continues to serve the company across all digital platforms.