Digital Marketing

The days of newspaper ads and door flyers are behind us. Don’t get us wrong, we still see print advertising as a crucial piece in campaign-based advertising, and we do a lot of it at Goldfish Marketing. But in comparison to the ROI that we see customers receive on digital vs. print-based advertising can be staggering at times.

What is online marketing?

We're glad you asked! Online marketing is the presentation of brand and identity, paired with a call-to-action, to a global audience. This can also mean that you advertise locally to a targeted audience of 50 people within your city, but you have the ongoing opportunity to scale up to a global presence with much less effort than before.

Online marketing can mean for different companies different things. For a locally based bakery, online marketing is the presentation of their brand, location and product line through a website and social media platform. For a software company, the opportunities are nearly endless, globally. The owners of such a company would be best fit to hit as many geo-targeted locations throughout the world where their software would solve a problem, and where they have the capacity to operate on an appropriately high service-based level.

How to get started

Online marketing is not a ‘one-size fits all’ sort of industry. Just as the baker and the software engineer have significantly different brands, products and target demographics, they also need individual strategies. The best way to begin is to craft the zoomed-out strategy of

  • Where your audience lives, and how to approach them
  • Which platforms to be present on
  • What sort of web presence and funnels to present
  • How to present your brand and offering to potential customers

Once we know the answers to these questions, we can get started. If you’d like to learn more about how we approach online marketing, have a look at our digital marketing overview. We’d love to walk through the strategy with you. Give us a call now.