Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and more…

Is your company or organization currently active on social media? We assume you are. The bigger question is, “Are you profiting from your efforts?” Many of us run a personal social media profile, we know when and how to put up pictures of our kids, spouse, and dogs, but is your team well equipped for representing a company or organization?

Content creation and social media strategy

The process of content creation is one that generally scares away company managers or even marketing executives. Some of the questions are:

  • What would we even post?
  • Where do we get pictures from?
  • How often do we post?

To address these items correctly, in a way that is tailored for your company, we turn to strategy and experienced content creators. At Goldfish Marketing we guide clients to consider content creation from the perspective of ‘what is my final conversion,’ and go from there. If your company growth is based on website traffic, creating content that will drive clicks is our goal. If new reach and engagement will increase brand recognition, then video and visuals are a must. If our final goal is an ROI based on sales, then a combined strategy of brand building and traffic generation is our key. To finalize our strategy, together we will identify your potential client market, create proper targets, and set out on driving results.

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