The Box Israel

The Box Israel, an annual series that airs on Israel’s largest television networks, was in need of a professional marketing and project management company. Following meetings with the series owner, Dori Media, Jake Fichman and the Goldfish Marketing team were hired to provide the needed services. The lack was in the production’s heavy human resources management, lack of platform integration, greater opportunity for reach and viewership, and a mid-term plan for monetization. Goldfish Marketing was also asked to join in the relational marketing that hosted a partnership between the series and Israel’s elite mall and real estate conglomerate Azrieli.

Greater Efficiency | Human Resources

Leading up to the show’s second season, the Goldfish Marketing team provided Dori Media with a full-service signup system and platform integration to reduce their number of workers needed for management. Also, the team provided full social media management and content distribution services. Within weeks, thousands of signups were acquired, bringing in more qualified contestants than needed.

Big Results | 40 Million

The newly created system allowed Dori Media to view all participants information and manage their status within a newly created CRM. Following the show’s debut, the show’s promotion across YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram provided the series with:

  • 40 million minutes of video content watched
  • 23,500 clicks accomplished on social media
  • More than 500,000 views on Facebook & Instagram
  • 2 million impressions accomplished with targeted marketing

The series was so successful, that the owner of the production company asked the Goldfish Marketing team to create sales-based visual content to present as an opportunity for larger conglomerates to participate.

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