Calev Myers | The Brand

Upon meeting Calev Myers, our team at Goldfish Marketing was instantly inspired and motivated to work with him. His accomplishments and vision for positive public change and impact were right in line with the creative and distribution capabilities that we hold. To begin our work together, our teams met for initial consultations, then further consulting, regarding Calev Myers’ personal brand and public representation.

Following the establishment of brand direction and scope, or strategic and design teams came together to create and outstanding new digital presence for Calev Myers at Here is a representation of the site in its multi-device layouts.

Website Design and Architecture

The development of Calev’s new website was seemingly complicated at first, with his multi-faceted business and organizational representations. Our strategic team, led by Jake Fichman, developed a breakdown of 3 mini-sites, allowing each of Calev’s initiatives and institutions to be honored and featured. Our SEO team led the copywriting process with creation of high-value and highly-searched keywords that would tie into Calev’s initiatives. Following this process, our design lead Dana developed outstanding flow and design presentation to illustrate the new Calev Myers brand with value and newness.

Successes and Future

Within a month of launching the new website, search engines such as Google posted rankings of the new site far above those of any other hosting the Calev Myers brand, pushing positive brand-establishing content forward. Following the development process, Goldfish Marketing and Calev Myers worked (and continue to work) together on monthly content creation and video content, filmed at the Goldfish Marketing studios in the Communications Park, Israel.