B2B Marketing Tips for 2021

B2B space is transforming rapidly, and companies need to emphasize marketing efforts even more than before. According to TrustRadius, buyers spend 33% more time in product and service research post-pandemic than before. Also, more than 34% of people will invest more time defining the expected ROI from the purchase.

The above stats hint about a paradigm shift in customers' buying behavior, and B2B companies need to improvise their marketing activities to stay relevant in the industry. For taking an edge and onboard more customers to your business, here are the best-performing B2B marketing tips of 2021 that you need to try:

Video Content is Priority for B2B Marketing

Regardless of industry, clients want interactive assistance that will help them make the right buying decision. Video marketing is shifting from B2C to B2B, and sales reps need to know this is the future. With video, businesses get an opportunity to explain their USPs and expertise comprehensively. As per a survey done by LinkedIn, 38% of B2B marketers call video marketing their priority over other marketing methods.

According to Hubspot, around 54% of clients and customers want to watch more video content from brands they support. It is a clear indication that this number will grow in the future as more customers will shift to the video ecosystem from the text and visual mediums.

Use Account-Based B2B Marketing to Outperform

Compared to traditional marketing, account-based B2B marketing is more effective as it delivers higher ROI. This marketing tactic helps marketers to reach their targeted customers with ease and up-sell their deals. As the demands are changing with market trends, companies must know what their ideal customer persona looks like and what exactly they need.

According to a recent study among B2B marketers, around 71% of the companies that invested in ABM reported much higher revenue than traditional marketing. ABM needs practice, skills, and expertise to succeed and retain the customers. Yet, the efforts bring much brighter and profitable results to business owners. It is also found that customers acquired using account-based marketing have a higher retention rate than the conventional methods.

Information-Driven Website

This tip sounds obvious, but still, many B2B marketers overlook this aspect, and they leave a lot of money on the table. Businesses need to showcase their expertise using excellent content on their website. Every page should reflect its authority to customers to improve the chance of making a sale. With Google's E-A-T concept, the search bot and evaluators analyze content quality while ranking the website.

So, along with having a sound SEO strategy, companies need to invest in informative and value-adding content that can help their customers in multiple ways. Be it blogs, web pages, or company resources, ensure everything is quality-driven for the visitors. When B2B companies optimize their content, it will significantly boost their SEO efforts.

Long-Form Content Marketing

Marketing Land survey says that more than 50% of B2B owners believe that long-form content like market-niche articles is incredibly beneficial for them. More than 34% of B2B owners view authoritative articles as the best resource to generate leads. The long-form content boosts the trustworthiness of a B2B business & improves the overall authority.

Long-form informative marketing content generates 7x more leads and 77.2% more backlinks than short articles. These benefits are only the tip of the content marketing iceberg, as it can have much more transforming advantages to the company.

Automation Will Gain Precedence

B2B marketing automation can replace resource-intensive and iterative manual processes and help companies do more in less time. Automation bridges the gap between over-growing customer queries and instant satisfactory answers from the representatives.

Be it creating campaigns, managing them, and measuring the overall ROI, automation nurtures the complete B2B ecosystem, and lets teams work seamlessly. It's a pro tip for B2B companies to opt for a marketing automation tool as soon as possible to gain an edge in the competitive industry. As companies are forced to work with limited resources, automation can help in streamlining various complex business operations.

Final Thoughts

B2B marketing continues to change over time, and it's a crucial time for companies to think beyond traditional methods to gain more visibility, authority, and sales. Try these tips to take a step towards the upcoming digital disruption.

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