Social Media Marketing

Are you getting the most out of your social media marketing? Most companies and organization in Israel and worldwide are not maximizing their potential for growth, brand extension, conversion and client/donor retention. Let Goldfish Marketing create a tailored marketing plan for you today.

Which Social Media Platform?

Today’s answer may not be the same as next year’s answer when it comes to your company’s appropriate marketing strategy. A tailored plan is the only way to go. Whether it’s a combination of high-conversion Facebook marketing, paired with brand building Instagram posts, or use of YouTube to drive web traffic, we can help.

Content is King

For our clients, we strive to create and distribute 85-90% organic content. This means a minimum of shares and borrowed links. A healthy mix of visual, written, video and linked content will do your company’s page well. We aim for high reach, engagement of 30-50%, high increases in monthly followers, and an overall healthy representation of brand.

Social Media Ads and Campaigns

Goldfish Marketing specializes in target ads and campaign promotions. Whether it’s sales conversion or brand awareness that your company is in need of, social media campaigns should be on your radar. While digital ads should not be your only form of promotion, they should be included as a powerful tool for traffic and conversion.

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