Online Marketing and PR

Goldfish Marketing was founded with this purpose: to promote and grow businesses in Israel and across the world. With the foundation of our agency being marketing and promotion, there’s no surprise that this is our strong suit.

Social Media Marketing

The days of print and television ads are being greatly challenged today by low cost, high ROI social media marketing. Goldfish Marketing takes the road less traveled- we create content. Our agency prides itself on the service and content that we provide for our clients. Through visual, video, written and linked content, we will grow your business by use of social media platforms: including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Soundcloud, Podcasts, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.

Email Marketing

We will create, distribute, track and report on your weekly-to-monthly emails. Our team of designers, content writers and marketing specialists will teamwork your ongoing email updates and promotions to drive high-level conversion. Whether in Israel or around the world, we will take care of your email updates hassle-free.

SEO, PPC and Google Grant

Traffic is everything. Whether you sell products, services, or partnership through donations, web traffic is extremely valuable. Let our team of specialist guide you in the discovery of which form of web promotion is right for your company. Whether paid or organic, SEO or Google Adwords based, we can provide you with results and increased web-based conversion.

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