Back in 2015, Goldfish Marketing founder Jake Fichman set out with the goal of changing the way business present themselves globally. This began with a few consulting jobs that introduced the real issue in Israel’s lack of digital marketing power. After months of working through difficult conversations with clients, Jake found that there was simply no one qualified to get the work done. Here the shift took place. Goldfish Marketing went from a consulting-based entity to a full-service agency. We like to do the work.

Online Marketing

Israel is a place of thriving startups, tech companies, non-profits and century-old firms. The solution we wish to bring to these respectable owners and directors is founded in knowing the identity and needs of each client. Through consulting and discovery, we can uncover the potential that may lie in maximizing efforts through ROI based digital marketing.

Design & Development

Design is founded on the discovery process. Through consulting, Goldfish Marketing’s team of marketing strategists will spend the hours with you and your team to discover the gold that lies within. Only then is design and creation of tools appropriate. Perhaps it’s time to refresh your company’s digital, visual, and/or print presentation? Get in touch and let’s get started!

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