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    Ads & Boosts on Facebook

    July 25, 2018 by Goldfish Marketing

    Investing in Digital Marketing

    Boosts on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube offer a number of options for promoting your account’s content. If the question remains of “should I consider investing in digital marketing,” check out our article on Online Marketing to get more info on the basics. The main question that we ask in our session focuses on ROI. What ROI is most important to your company or organization?

    Types of ROI on Ads and Boosts on Facebook, etc.

    There are a number of goals and outlooks on investing in digital marketing. Facebook shares its opinion on the matter on its info page. Here at Goldfish Marketing, we take the following approach:

    1. Take the current revenue per client ration and discover your profit per acquisition
    2. Set a goal for new client/profit acquisition over the next 6-12 months
    3. Multiply the number of new clients by the value per acquisition
    4. From there, multiply the total by .08

    This is the recommended marketing budget by the Small Business Association of America.

    Where to begin?

    We recommend an upward curve in digital marketing. Let your ads and boosts budget on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube develop as you see results. We take the test, analyze and pivot approach with our ads and boosts. A client needs to know that their investment will bring the desired results- which can include awareness, link clicks, purchases, donations, signups, etc.